• Mary Petschel

    Early on in my education, I was instilled with a desire to make a profound impact on the world. I found a way to do that with design; a career in interior design allows me to be a part of creating better environments for people to live and work within. IIDA is an important part of that path; membership connects me to a global network, provides leadership and advocacy opportunities, advances my professional development, and much more!

    Mary Petschel
  • Jen Landry-BW

    IIDA gave me the opportunity to keep up to date on what is happening in the St. Louis Design Community. The event I enjoy the most is But First Coffee. The tops are always different and have been really informative. 

    Jennifer Laundry
  • Apple picking

    I joined IIDA to support an organization within the design industry. To learn and grown my knowledge, while networking and creating life long friendships. What I like most about IIDA is the support of one another and the large amount of activities planned. 

    Lara Slavkin
  • johaningmeyer_1698-Black and White

    I joined IIDA because I wanted to be a part of the design community and its networking opportunities.  I have been in the design field for 27 years now, and I always feel like there is more to learn and develop professionally, so IIDA provides that for me.  

     IIDA networking events allow professionals to connect on more personal levels that encourage trust, collaboration, and innovation.  It’s great to see these younger and talented designers come up in the ranks as well.

    Christi Johaningmeyer

The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) strives to enhance and promote the value of Interior Design and its practitioners.  Our organization cultivates leadership within the profession, supports the advancement of Interior Design through knowledge-based programs and events and provides a platform for professional networking within the Interior Design community.

IIDA has more than 13,000 members in nine specialty forums, nine regions, and more than 30 Chapters around the world committed to enhancing the quality of life through excellence in Interior Design and advancing Interior Design through knowledge. 

By becoming a member, you are making a decision to become an informed member of the Design community.  IIDA continues to cultivate the global Design community; provide current and relevant information, networking opportunities along with legislative education about Interior Design and its related specialties.

Connect with St. Louis area Interior Design Community by joining the IIDA Gateway Chapter today!

Questions related to Membership can contact VP of Members, Dani Sheley or Michele Land .