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Thank You From Larry

Date: 2015-04-28 12:00:00 am

Thank you to all who came out and participated in our First Annual IIDA Advocacy Fundraising event last Tuesday evening.  The event was a great success and the money raised will help fund the Advocacy Day trip to the Capital on Tuesday, April 28th.  There is space still available if you want to join us.

Highlights from Tuesday night were the amazing people that braved the crowd and stepped on stage to show us their talent.  A huge THANK YOU to Sarah Schultz, Mike Silverman, Clara Garner, David Smith and Marty Fox

A special shout out to the underwriters for the evening.  Without them the event would not have been as successful. 

*Sunderland – Food                                  *DL Couch – Drinks                    *Trends n Tile – Wine Pull

I would also be remiss if I did not thank the following for their hard work, dedication and energy to pull this event together.

                Advocacy Committee:

                Ann Young, Mike Hodges, Katie Huber, Karen Johnson

                Program & Event Committee:

                David Havens, Kim Hennessy


                Cyndi Curnutte, Kathy Silverman

Again…as always…if anyone is interested in becoming more active within the IIDA Gateway Chapter please feel free to connect with me at

Thank You!

Larry Richie


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