Technical Minute

Specialized Floors as Finishes


There are several ways to add floor finishes to your Revit Projects.  The best way that I have used is to create it like it will be built.  I like to use a simple floor for the entire floor area of the project.  Meaning, if we are talking about a second floor of an office space, use a 3” lightweight conc. Floor on metal deck as your base floor. To add a special finish to the floor (Carpet or tile) create a new floor with padding or mortar as the structure and the carpet as the finish. Make sure to apply the correct thickness to each material. What is great about this is you now have the ability to reshape the floor independently from the subfloor.  This makes it easier to calculate accurate square footage and also eliminates the painful accidental floor deleting.


One last thing to remember.  Make sure you cut a section of the floor to adjust the location of the new floor finish in relationship to the subfloor.  This can be done by using the Align command or by using a simple move.  You can also make this adjustment in the Properties Palette but the Align command is the fastest.


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